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Laser Etching

Laser Etching

CNC Laser etching and laser engraving with a 4th axis turret will mark your parts at our shop here in Denton, TX.

Laser Etching

Halsey Manufacturing does in house laser etching, engraving, and cutting on many different types materials. We can laser engrave company logos, serial numbers, part numbers, artwork, and anything else you would want engraved on a part. The laser is also useful for making precise cutouts of many materials for parts or artwork.

Acrylic Films & foils        Foam        Glass        Leather        Paper        Plastics        Rubber        Stone        Textiles       Wood

Trotec Laser Etcher, Engraver, & Cutter Engraving, laser cutting, laser etching, laser stamping

Trotec Speedy 300 flexx Laser Engraver

•4th axis rotary turret

•CO2 Laser; 60 watt

•YAG Fiber Laser; 30 watt

•8.000" Max work height

•29.000" x 17.000" Max work area

•Cuts acrylic up to 0.500"

•Engrave almost any material with dual laser technology!

•Fast cycle time means quick turn-around!



Laser Etcher, Engraver, & Cutter

The Trotec Speedy flexx 300 CO2 laser is a laser machine that fulfills the highest demands. Depending on the requirement, this CO2 laser plotter can be used as laser engraving or laser cutting machine. Speedy 300 stands for innovative design and best-quality components. The Speedy 300 flatbed laser offers you unattainable reliability and maximum productivity over many years.


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4th Axis laser engraving a custom logo on a YETI cup.

We can custom laser engrave your YETI cup to add a beautiful logo or any other artwork all the way around the cup using our CNC Laser etching machine with a rotary axis to accurately engrave the metal covering the entire circumference of the YETI cup.


Excellent for Logos, Team Symbols, Customized Gifts!!!

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Halsey Manufacturing – CNC Machine Shop specializing in high precision CNC Machining in the DFW Dallas / Fort Worth Area TX area